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The Best of the Month: May


May has been a light month for me, both in writing and reading.  Between planning for, traveling to, and recovering from my sister’s beautiful wedding (and let’s be honest, a Veronica Mars marathon), I just haven’t spent as much time writing as I probably should have.  Let’s chalk May up to being  a brain-break month, eh?  Still, I did do some reading and so I’ve collected the most thought-provoking posts I’ve read this month.  Take a look!



Anne Bogel at Modern Mrs. Darcy: 5 Book Summer Reading Guide

I chose 5 titles that 1. are tremendously entertaining, 2. have broad appeal, and 3. are perfect for the beach, pool, or lounge chair in the backyard. This means the “breezy novels” category is over-represented, but I think I’m okay with that.



Rachel Held Evans: 3 Things You Might Not Know About Proverbs 31

As I did more research, I learned that indeed the only instructive language in the poem is directed at the poem’s intended male audience: “Praise her for all her hands have done.”  And yet many Christians interpret this passage prescriptively, as a command to women rather than an ode to women, with the home-based endeavors of the Proverbs 31 woman cast as the ideal lifestyle for all women of faith


Kathryn Joyce at American Prospect: By Grace Alone

“The reason why offenders get away with what they do is because we have too many cultures of silence,” Tchividjian said. “When something does surface, all too often the church leadership quiets it down. Because they’re concerned about reputation: ‘This could harm the name of Jesus, so let’s just take care of it internally.’”

“Jesus doesn’t need your reputation!” Tchividjian declared. “When somebody says that, it’s a lie. Keeping things in the dark and allowing souls to be destroyed by abuse, that shames the Gospel. Jesus is all about transparency.”



Sarah Millican at Radio Times: Twitter was a pin to my excitable Bafta balloon

Then I went onto Twitter and it was like a pin to my excitable red balloon. Literally thousands of messages from people criticising my appearance. I was fat and ugly as per usual. My dress (the one that caused ooohs in a department store fitting room?) was destroyed by the masses. I looked like a nana, my dress was disgusting, was it made out of curtains, why was I wearing black shoes with it. I cried. I cried in the car.

Why does it matter so much what I was wearing? Why did no one ask my husband where he got his suit from? I felt wonderful in that dress. And surely that’s all that counts.


Madia at Afghan Women’s Writing Project: Does a Head Scarf Define the Girl?

Someday, I will tell my daughter to study hard, get an education, and make her own future so she can make changes in our country. I will tell the same thing to my son: study hard and never believe there is a difference between girls and boys.

Girls should never believe only what people tell them or think of them. They should be able to become anything they want in life, and wear anything they want to wear. Girls should always be free.


Deidra Riggs at Jumping Tandem: Why We Don’t Need to Cringe About the Platform 

So, what if we writers embraced a different image of the platform? …For us, good stewardship means sitting down in front of the blank page or screen and putting a message into words in the best way we know how. And so, what if we writers started to see the platform as the perfect surface on which to set a fabulous table with chairs for everyone? And what if we—instead of standing there, with our palms sweating and our eyes squinting in the glare of a spotlight we never pursued—invited anyone who will, to join us at the table and to celebrate the feast?


Carly Gelsinger: My Husband is Not My Spiritual Leader

Then one day about two or three years into our marriage, in the middle of another why-aren’t-you-my-spiritual-leader argument, I heard just how whiny, weak and manipulative my own voice sounded.

“I’ve been saying this for years, and I don’t even know what it means,” I confided in him. “It was just something I’ve always heard.”


“fearlessly expanding the feminine voice”

When a woman says she feels called to ministry (or to preach), her motives are immediately questioned.  Her character is vetted.  She has to prove herself over and over again.  

…A person’s motives may not be pure when they decide to become a pastor, but I think that has much less to do with their gender and more to do with their character.

What is the best thing you’ve read (or written) this month?

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Let’s Chat About Air Force Life, Shall We?

The blog will most likely be a little quiet for the next couple of weeks because, well, sometimes real life gets in the way of writing time.   But I thought maybe I could share a few thoughts I’ve been having about military life.

I’m feeling conflicted about Air Force life right now.  I love the adventure of life in the military.  We’re already looking forward to receiving our next assignment and finding out where we’ll be moving next.  We have met so many wonderful people due to our time in the Air Force and had great opportunities.  Neither my husband nor I are ready to leave – we’re sure of that at this point.  I am not ready to live in the same town for the rest of my life.  The Air Force is an esoteric world and I am (mostly) happy to be a part of it.

But there are still days when I want to give up and move in to a house next door to my sister.

I like the idea of living life without deployments or TDYs looming in the background.  When I see friends who have houses I get a tad bit jealous of their ability to decorate without limits.  And the thought of picking a town because I wanted to get a job there or go to grad school there??  That sounds AMAZING!

So, although we have no plans to separate, I can’t help dreaming of some of the better aspects of civilian life, especially since my husband’s career field is in such high demand in the “real world”.

Has anyone else felt this way?



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