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I woke up in pain.

I woke up in pain.

It was surprising – breath-taking, even.  I had blissfully forgotten what that was like.

Quickly I ran through the inventory in my head:  Was I stressed?  Was I skimping on sleep?  Had I been making poor food choices?  Had I not been moving enough?  Had I been moving too much?  Was the weather changing abruptly?

All of these questions really just shoots off the big question: why?

Why was I in pain?

Why AM I in pain?

Why, why, why?

Focusing on my sleeping and eating is easy because they are masks, cover-ups for the real questions I’m trying not to ask: Why does pain exist?  And why me?

Is this God, with a divine plan?  Is this a result of genetics?  Is it toxins present in the American diet?  Or the result of living in a too-sterile environment?

I put on comfortable, non-hurty clothes.  I dragged my body (plus the 30 lb toddler) up the stairs to give him a diaper change despite how much my achy joints protested.  

All day long I did the next thing.

Remembering the advice they gave at Mayo, I texted my husband just one line:  I’m really hurting today.

Don’t focus on the pain, they said.  It just makes it worse.  Don’t mention it at all on the normal days and on the very difficult days, just say something short.

So I did.

I texted my one line and he responded with appropriate concern.

And I went on with the day.

I tried not to think about the pain.

Does that work for the rest of life, I wonder?

Is it that easy?

The world is messed up.  We’ve established that.

Can we just suppress and repress the pain of this world?  Can we go on like life is fine and only mention the pain on the very-hard days?  Are we just fooling ourselves into having a more comfortable life?  Can we ignore the discouragement of living amidst a fallen creation?

Don’t focus on the pain, they said.

But what about the days when you can’t see past the pain?

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The Whole30 Challenge — TAKE TWO

Back in September, my husband and I completed Whole30a 30 day challenge of eating real food and eliminating addictions to sugar, wheat, etc.  It was hard, but GREAT!  I had far fewer migraines, hardly any fibromyalgia pain, lots of energy, cut out my sugar addiction, and ended up losing 20 pounds in the process.

We’ve decided to do another Whole30 in January!  We totally splurged on Thanksgiving and I’ve been paying for it the past few days with very achy joints.  So now I’m back to collecting recipes that are FREE of sugar, dairy, gluten, corn and legumes.  Can you say “Hello, Pinterest”?

Although you can start Whole30 at any time, they have three “scheduled” starts throughout the year including January 1st.  But since my husband’s birthday is in January, we’ll be waiting until after his birthday to start meaning we’ll finish mid-late February.

I’m already excited (and scared) to do another Whole30!  But one thing that is giving me extra motivation is that we have friends doing it with us this time!  We might not all start on the same date, but as of right now, we have four friends who are doing Whole30 in January!  My goal is to encourage 10 people to do Whole30.  It really did help me and I think it could do the same for you.  Do you want to join us??

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shoe recommendations for erythromelalgia

Warm weather is here!  We’ve been soaking it up with trips to the playground (sometimes twice a day!) and family walks.  One thing was stopping us though: my Erythromelalgia!  Too many walks were being cut short due to pain so my husband announced that it was time for me to invest in some new shoes.  I googled around to see what shoes were recommended for Erythromelalgia, but I didn’t see too many suggestions, so I thought I’d share my choices here.
We looked through several different options for shoes and talked through the pros and cons.  My husband encouraged me to get two pairs: one for activity and one for style.  Obviously wearing any kind of closed toed shoe (especially athletic shoes!) is a no-go in the summer with Erythromelagia so we needed the “activity pair” to be super comfortable and good for long distances, but still open.
I’ve heard so many good things about Birkenstock’s so I wanted to try these Kairo Sandals (sold through American Eagle), but we decided they were too expensive and not versatile enough.  My sister has a pair of Saltwater Sandals.  They are supposed to be incredibly comfortable and durable.  I’d still love a pair some day, but I was afraid that they would be too hot around my toes to be an every day pair.
For the “activity shoes”, we ended up choosing these Teva Zirra Sandals.  I couldn’t be happier!  We bought them for walks and special activities, but I’ve ended up wearing them all over the place!  They were very comfortable from the time I first put them on.  My Erythromelagia has still flared up while wearing them, but the shoes don’t seem to be contributing to the problem.  I would feel comfortable doing all sorts of activities in these shoes, so I definitely recommend them to others with Erythromelagia looking for a replacement for athletic shoes.  
The second pair I went with were these American Eagle Braided Sandals.  I had a similar pair for the past couple of years, but last fall they were falling apart!  I ended up getting this replacement pair because they served me well.  They pair equally well with shorts or a sundress so I like how versatile they are.  My one complaint is that they are not comfortable for a long time.  Running to the grocery store or spending the morning at church?  No problem.  But when I was trying to use them to go on walks?  Definitely a bad idea!
Finding functional shoes might not seem like a big deal to most people, but with Erythromelagia it is a challenge.  I’m grateful to have found these options so I can stop worrying about my pain and enjoy the litte things like an evening walk with my family and pushing my son on the swing.

**All opinions are my own.  I received no compensation from any company for writing this – I am simply sharing my experience.

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