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Four Years


I’ve been down with a migraine all week so the blog has been quieter than I would have liked!  But I couldn’t miss a special post for this special day in our lives! 



CC479_small copy


ONE baby.

TWO of us.

THREE states.

FOUR happy years.

Happy fourth anniversary, my love!

Cheers to beginning year five where love looks like letting the other one snooze for a few extra minutes, “date nights” to Target, and a toddler splayed between us in bed.   I appreciate you more with each passing day.

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Year Three


Three years ago today Caleb and I got married!  So much has changed in that short amount of time – Caleb commissioned into the Air Force, we’ve moved to two different states, I’ve started writing more seriously and (most important) we have a toddler!!

We’re on vacation right now, but last week I sat down to write about what I’ve learned in the past three years.




1.  Your wedding might not be the happiest day of your life.

…And I kind of hope it isn’t!  I hope that you’re constantly collecting “happiest days” or maybe “happiest moments.”  The happiest day of your life might just turn out to be a random Saturday where you wake up with your husband and your baby snuggled next to you and where you lazily spend the day running errands and walking to the park.  Or a road trip where you crank the radio up too loud, buy junk food at the gas stations along the way and engage in some tremendous conversations.

I hope that you randomly look up in the middle of a seemingly ordinary, average day and realize that these everyday moments make up the happiest day of your life.

2.  Things work out okay even if they don’t go according to The (All-Important) Plan

Having a baby ten and a half months after getting married?  Not part of The Plan.

Moving to Omaha instead of to Europe?  Also not part of The Plan.

But things worked out okay.  Actually, they worked out to be so much more than okay.  While I still think about what life would have been like if I’d finished my masters by now or lived somewhere exotic, I love this little life we have.

This lesson, I’m sure, is one that I’ll be ever-learning.  I always think that I can plan life out perfectly in my head, but God is continually teaching me that life will be okay and He will be faithful when my plans fall through.

3.  Being married to your best friend is AWESOME

I love being married to my best friend.  I am grateful that we actually enjoy spending time together.  I love that we text each other throughout the day just because and I like that I look forward to seeing him each day.  Sometimes we quarrel, of course, but we’re able to work through it and move on.

As long as my husband is in the Air Force, we will be moving every few years.  We live away from family and have to make new friends each time we move.  But I’m thankful that my two favorite people get to move with me each time!


Just for fun, here are a couple extra pictures from our wedding!








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Frivolous Friday: What would you change about your wedding?

Maybe it is just me, but by Friday, I’m tired of analyzing and tired of doing serious reading on blogs.  On Fridays, I just want to see pretty pictures and read about frivolous things.

In that spirit, here’s my completely frivolous post for today:

A few weekends ago we went to my little sister’s beautiful wedding, which, of course, brought up memories of my own wedding!


In the three years that I’ve been married, I keep thinking of things I would change if I were getting married again, starting with: eloping!  By the week of her wedding, doesn’t every bride just wish she had skipped the stress and saved the money to elope??

CC479_small copy


We had a beautiful wedding, held in a park a few minutes away from my parents’ house.  Whenever we visit them, we take Hadden to “our wedding park” to play (there’s a playground in a different part) so it is nice to have happy memories of the actual day and to be making new memories each time we go there.

While we loved many aspects of our wedding, when I look back on the day there are things that I wish I could change.  I don’t have a complete list, but here are a few of those changes I’d make:



1. Guest List

We wanted a small wedding, which is exactly what we got.  Looking back, however, I wish we’d changed up the guest list a bit to allow room for more friends.

2. More Relaxed!

Our wedding was pretty relaxed in many ways, but I wish the reception had been more FUN.  I enjoyed my wedding, but looking back, I wish it had been more like a huge party with all our friends.  And I kinda wish I’d gone with a knee-length dress and gone with my original plan to have the guys in more casual clothes.

3.  Officiant

Our first choice officiant wasn’t available, but now I regret not asking another friend to perform the ceremony.  I wish we’d had an officiant who knew us better as a couple.

4.  Communion and Foot Washing

Originally I wanted everyone to take communion at our wedding and have Caleb and I wash each other’s feet as part of the ceremony (a Christian symbol of service).  I gave those up during the planning, but I wish I’d stuck to my guns.


CC192_small copy

My bridesmaids! My friend, Marlena, my two younger sisters and my niece. p.s. Marlena’s book releases THIS MONTH!! It has been in the works since before we met so I’m celebrating this momentous occasion along with her!

 I’m curious!  What would you change about your own wedding??  Bonus points if you can include a link to one of your wedding pictures! : )


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