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Big Kids and Babies

Babies are a popular topic in our house these days, specifically the topic of OUR baby – the one that’s coming in May.

Hadden has gone with me to pre-natal appointments where he learned to imitate the sound of the baby’s heart beat (“swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!” he says with a grin).  He’s watched as I’ve put together a small registry.  He has lay down with me when I’m not feeling well.  He insisted on picking out Christmas gifts for baby at the same time that he shopped for me and Caleb.  And he talks about baby too, asking how big it is now or if he can see the pictures again.

With all this baby talk, Hadden also has a renewed interest in one of his favorite games: pretending to be a baby.  (This game is extremely similar to his other favorite game “pretending to be a doggy” with the notable exception of licking faces.  Hence, I much prefer “pretending to be a baby.”)

In order to gently prepare him for the role of big brother, we’ve been spending lots of time talking about the differences between big kid and babies.  It goes like this:

“Big kids get to go to preschool!  Isn’t it great to go to preschool?”

“Babies don’t get to eat raspberries, or strawberries, or ice cream, do they?  Babies only get milk.  But big kids get milk AND all those other foods.”

“Big kids get to play at Chick-Fil-A.”

“Babies don’t get to get play iPad because they’re too little.  But big kids get iPad time!”

“Are babies allowed to play with marbles?  Nope.  Marbles are for big kids!”

“Big kids get to…”

“Babies don’t get to…”

That’s the language of our house these days.

No matter how careful we are to prepare Hadden for the baby’s arrival and how sensitive we are to his needs once the baby comes, I’m sure there’s going to be an adjustment period as he has to share his parents for the first time in almost four years!  But I’m hoping that his current excitement over this sibling stays strong, even during difficult times, and that they end up being the best of friends.

Big Kids V Babies

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Frivolous Friday: Toddler v Taco

One day while Caleb was deployed, I wasn’t feeling up to cooking so I picked up Chipotle for dinner.  Hadden and I usually share a burrito bowl, but that day I’d ordered tacos.

Hadden was happily intrigued by the tacos and by the fact that he got his very own.  But, like a typical two-year-old, he didn’t want to take my suggestions on how to eat it.  He wanted to figure it out himself.

He picked up the taco to take a bite.

Everything inside fell out.


I pried the tortilla out of his hand, carefully scooping the toppings back inside.  When he calmed down, I convinced him to take another bite.

So once again he lifted the taco from the plate only to have gravity do it’s thing once again.


I think he thought that I was playing a cruel trick on him, like I was somehow manipulating the taco guts to rebel against him.  (I wasn’t.)

This happened two or three more times, each time ending in tears, until he finally got it figured out, got a few bites in and had his blood sugar stabilize.

This would just be a good story.  But I’ve got something even better.

Like the caring, nurturing, emotionally-supportive mother that I am, I snapped a picture.

And so, from the bowels of my phone’s memory, I give to you: Toddler v Taco.



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What’s In My Toddler’s Easter Basket?

A few weeks ago while Hadden was at preschool I found myself at Target.  All alone in my favorite store with time to spare and Starbucks in hand?!?  Cue the music and dancing!

I was finishing up an Easter care package for my husband and decided to get Hadden’s Easter things as well since I so rarely shop without him.  At two and a half, he’s old enough to actually get excited about seeing a basket full of goodies on Easter morning so I was excited to fill it for him.   Here’s what he is getting:

What's In My Toddler's Easter Basket-


  • Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs?  We love Karen Katz’ books!  I had such a hard time choosing between this book and the Curious George Easter book so perhaps I’ll get that one next year.
  • Bunny ears because he is a fantastic hopper these days
  • Two plastic cups with straws and lids.  One cup has butterflies and the other has frogs.  He loves using my big plastic cup, but I don’t like him using it quite so much.  These will be easy to clean, unlike his sippy cups, so I am planning to use them for milk
  • Bubbles in a no-spill container with a thick handle that is ideal for toddler hands (not visible in this picture)
  • One package of Jelly Belly’s.  It’s not Easter without jelly beans, right?
  • A container of mini M&Ms.

When Green Toys were half off on Amazon a few weeks ago, I snagged this helicopter with the intention of putting it in his Easter basket.  When it arrived I realized that it wouldn’t really fit in his little basket so I’m trying to decide what to do with it.  I might still give it to him on Easter and say that Daddy sent it for him.  Or…I might just wait until we’re I’m having a meltdown day and he needs a special distraction.

We’re hoping it works out for Caleb to Skype in that morning to celebrate Easter together.  In addition to getting his Easter basket, I have a little egg hunt planned for the backyard and we’ll take time to explain the briefest explanation of Easter to Hadden.  Truthfully, everything feels a bit off right now on account of Caleb’s deployment, but I’m hoping we’ll have time to connect as a family and make this a memorable day.


Do you fill Easter baskets for anyone?  Tell me your favorite thing to include!  

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