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Memorial Day Post Round-Up

On Memorial Day, we honor those who have died in service to our country.   Today I don’t have anything profound to say.  Instead I’m sharing a few of the articles that I’ve read or website I’ve visited as I’ve been thinking about this day and preparing to explain it to my son.

As A Nation, We Have To Remain Worthy Of Their Sacrifice

Weekly Address: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes This Memorial Day | President Obama

Like generations of heroes before them, these Americans gave everything they had—not for glory, not even for gratitude, but for something greater than themselves.  We cannot bring them back.  Nor can we ease the pain of their families and friends who live with their loss.

But we are the Americans they died to defend.  So what we can do—what we must do—is fulfill our sacred obligations to them, just like they fulfilled theirs to us.  We have to honor their memory.  We have to care for their families, and our veterans who served with them.  And as a nation, we have to remain worthy of their sacrifice—forever committed to the country they loved and the freedom they fought for and died for.

Honor the Fallen Database | Military Times

Honoring those who fought and died in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn

A Letter to My Children on Memorial Day | Bronwyn Lea at Huffington Post

For while I don’t understand and can’t condone the reasons for all the wars the U.S. has engaged in, I now know that Memorial Day is not about the politics of war. It is about the individuals and families I now know by name whose fathers, brothers, sons and daughters have traveled far away in our service at great cost and at great risk to themselves and their loved ones. I have now sat with a friend whose father was killed in Lebanon. Memorial Day honors those who have fallen.

At Dover Air Force Base, Bringing Home The Fallen With Grief And Joy | Rachel Martin at NPR

“I’ve heard that wail from a father, and the picture in my mind is the father of a Marine, and the transfer case has come off the plane and it’s been put into the vehicle. It’s been closed up. We’ve saluted. And the vehicle starts to pull off and the honor guard is marching behind. And this guy reaches out — I can see it — he just reaches out like this, and he just screams, for his son.”

I hope that you take time this weekend to remember those who lost their lives, to thank their families, to visit a cemetery, or to explain the weight of Memorial Day to your children.

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How My Son’s Speech Therapy Ended Up Helping Me

It was an agonizing, gnawing fear.

What if my son didn’t get the help he needed? 

For months my husband and I had been concerned about our toddler’s lack of speech. People kept telling us to give him time and he would magically start speaking one day. Everyone had a story to this effect about someone they knew who was once speech delayed, but suddenly, abruptly caught up. Other people told us we simply needed to read him more books or talk to him more often. This advice was a painful insult to our parenting. Of course we spoke to our son and read him books! More than that, it simply wasn’t true. We could tell our son needed intervention that we weren’t trained to give.

Follow me over to The Mighty to read the rest of this post!

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The best of the month: September



September was a fantastic month for us.  Really and truly fantastic.  The whole month led up to our vacation last week which just so happened to coincide with our third anniversary.

We spent a glorious week on the beach with my sister and her family.  I loved introducing Caleb and Hadden to the place where I grew up vacationing – I have so many memories locked away there, especially since I grew up moving and don’t have a home town or a childhood house to show them.

The end of the month snuck up on me since we were away, but I still wanted to share my favorite reads from this month.  Here they are!


Bill Hewitt with Heather Penney:  On 9/11, F-16 Pilot Heather Penney Was Prepared to Take Down United Flight 93

What went through your mind as you took off?

I was thinking this was the one thing in my life that I had to get right. I had already given myself up, knowing what my duty was.


An Open Letter To Fox News About ‘Boobs On The Ground’

And before you jump to the standby excuse that you were “just making a joke” or “having a laugh,” let the men amongst our number preemptively respond: You are not funny. You are not clever. And you are not excused. Perhaps the phrase “boys will be boys”—inevitably uttered wherever misogyny is present—is relevant. Men would never insult and demean a fellow servicemember; boys think saying the word ‘boobs’ is funny.


Danica Johnson at Everyday Feminism: How to Explain Feminism to Non-Feminist in a Non-Threatening Way

The common ailment that we, as feminists, must fight against is a deep ignorance about what feminism actually stands for – especially how feminism is rooted in equality for all people. And because so many people out there are uneducated on the subject, there’s a lot of work to be done.


Rachel Grate at Arts.Mic: Science Shows Something Surprising About People Who Love to Write

Pennebaker believes this act of expressive writing allows people to take a step back and evaluate their lives. Instead of obsessing unhealthily over an event, they can focus on moving forward. By doing so, stress levels go down and health correspondingly goes up.


Brian Adams Jones at Task & Purpose: Sorry, The Presidential Salute Isn’t A Real Thing

There’s no regulation that stipulates presidents must salute the troops. In fact, for the first 192 years of our republic, it didn’t happen. None of the first 38 commanders in chief did it. And some of those dudes had some serious military experience. Eisenhower? Grant? I mean, Teddy Roosevelt was a war hero. Surely he felt compelled to click his heels together and cut a perfect knife-handed salute when he passed a uniform service member, right? Wrong. It was literally something that Ronald Reagan made up one day.


Elesha Coffman at her.meneutics: All Men Should Be Farmers (A satirical take on Christian gender roles)

The Bible teaches that all men should be farmers. Farming is their calling, and they are biologically suited to it.


Last night I wept.

I am a mama who has never had to question teaching my son to wave to police officers.  Until recently, I had never thought of them as a threat.

It is a world of privilege that my son was born into.  Someday I’m going to have to explain that to him and tell him that people are treated unfairly and inhumanely simply because of the situation and conditions into which they were born. Someday my son is going to awaken to a world of injustice that can’t be fixed as simply as Mama on one side and Daddy on the other.


So there you have it – my favorite reads from the month of September!  What are YOUR favorite reads from this month?

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