In 2008, I recklessly began a blog.

I didn’t know anything about stats or followers and certainly didn’t know that anyone could become famous through blogging.

Since I had been journaling avidly for years, blogging seemed like a natural fit. In the beginning few years, I probably had less than five loyal readers, all of whom were related to me. (There are advantages to being from a large family, you see?) But I slowly plugged on.

This blog, which has been through various names and designs, is now six years old.

I write broadly, sharing everything from recipes to book reviews to Air Force life, but I’m trying to narrow my focus as bit to find a more cohesive voice as a writer. My favorite posts are usually essays about Christianity, feminism, or parenting.

And now, reader, I’d like to say a sincere thank you to YOU, whoever you are. Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. And, most of all, thank you for valuing my words.