Today I'm thrilled to be introducing you to my real-life friend, Katie Pace.  My newfound love of podcasts (mentioned in this end of the year post) can be attributed to Katie.  Through her gentle (and sometimes not so gentle!) urging, I eventually broke down and started listening.  Pretty soon I was equally smitten with this new media outlet.  When I was thinking about doing a post on podcasts, I knew that I couldn't go wrong asking Katie to guest post on this topic.  So it's doubly happy for me today as Katie shares with you her favorite podcasts and I share with you one of my favorite people.  Enjoy!

Over the past couple of years I have fallen deeply, madly in love with Podcasts. As I walk through the totally awesome but often lonely and sometimes mind numbing repetition of having very small children, I often find myself in need of some adulting challenge and brain stimulation. And in the past year, as the platform has EXPLODED, I have found that I can find great material on any given subject on any given day.

In fact, there is SO MUCH great content out there I struggled to narrow down my list to a “top ten.” Instead I opted to go all out–highlighting a few of my favorite finds and supplying you all with sort list of added links to explore. I do not listen to all of these podcast on a weekly basis, in fact, there are only about three or four that I actually listen to religiously. I’ll pick and choose a show while I’m doing dishes or folding laundry, and suddenly those ordinary tasks fade into the background-and I am learning or laughing or just listening to great stories. I hope you enjoy picking through this list as much I enjoyed curated it for you.

{Pop Culture and the Like}

The Popcast: I have an unwavering, deep-fried love for The Popcast. Knox and Jamie have mastered the art of friendly banter slash bickering slash being awesome.  In fact, they pride themselves on it. No pretending here, the Popcast mission is to, “Educate you about things that entertain, but don’t matter.” Therein lies this podcast’s brilliance – unapologetic opinions about frivolity that actually portray hilarity and intelligence equally. I have never been led astray by a single greenlight recommendation – TV, book, movie or otherwise. It’s just good fun folks and I dare you to listen without being stirred to laughter or disgust… or both… AT THE SAME TIME.

Pop Culture Happy Hour: Pretty straight forward here: pop culture. This one is on a lot of “favorites” lists and rightfully so – if you need a pop culture fix, you’ll find it here.

The Dinner Party Download: I really enjoy this one. Although I don’t catch it regularly, I dig the premise and implementation. It kind of is exactly what you’d suspect, a podcast in dinner party form. Cocktails to dessert.

offCAMERA with Sam Jones: This one is super. I am always interested in the behind-the-scenes and stories that happen when the cameras aren’t rolling. That’s just what you will find here, an unpolished one-on-one conversation about life, career and industry. It’s very interesting. The “Matt Damon” episode tends to be the go-to starter recommendation – and with good reason – because it’s great. (Incidentally, this came to me via Jamie Golden of above Popcast fame)

Looking for more? Here yah go: The Nerdist, You made it Weird, How did this get made, & TV crimes  (which really isn’t pop culture, but, whatever.)


Sorta Awesome: All I can say is, this podcast is a gift. Megan and the other cohosts have beautifully crafted a fun, informative, warm show that threads women together through the “awesome” in everyday life. And frankly? I don’t share this one lightly-it’s a bit sacred to me. I stumbled upon Sorta Awesome in the months after my son was born, and in the monotony of postpartum, listening felt like having a coffee with girlfriends. It was lifesaving. Megan and Laura’s candid conversation about anxiety was an eye-opening-game-changing-stake-in-the-ground in my life, and I am eternally grateful. But if all that depth isn’t your cup tea you can always go the beauty secrets, host confessions or best books of 2015 route. Whatevs!

This American Life: Everyone knows about This American Life. I’ve included it here to simply draw your attention to this two part episode (“The Problem We All Live With”) should be required listening.

Personality Hacker: Myers Briggs anyone? I’ve included this one because, while I know people have big feelings about personality tests-I HIGHLY recommend giving the Personality Hacker “deep-dives” a listen. Based on your type, these episodes are in depth enlightening tools that help you understand how your type functions and interacts in the world and with other personalities. My husband and I really enjoyed listening together and found the information to be a great tool for deeper and better communication in our life.

Looking for more? Here yah go: The simple show, Surprisingly Awesome, dear sugar, The Big Boo Cast, Elise gets Crafty ,Invisibilia., Around the Table & Radiolab

{Book Lust}

Books on the Nightstand: This is my go-to, love it so much, cannot get enough, book nerds being book nerds, podcast. I cannot tell you how much I love listening to these two talk books to death. I actually had to stop listening because my TBR list became impossible to tackle. Most episodes will give you an oldie, a goodie and newie and an audible book. (My personal favorite was the discussion on The Sparrow because it is one of my most beloved books.) If listening to booknerds talking about booknerdy things sounds intriguing, then this is the podcast for you.

From the front porch: I stumbled upon Annie’s blog years ago and was instantly smitten. It quickly landed on the short list of blogs I would read religiously with anticipation. Her posts were honest, well written and sweet. I cheered along as she navigated her way through life eventually landing as owner of The Bookshelf in Thomasville, Georgia. Enter podcast. And? It’s delightful. Though I must admit, I mostly listen to the reading recaps. As a book seller, she does a great job of suggesting wonderful fiction always giving you some good plot without spoiling the story.

What Should I Read Next: This one is hot off the presses folks, and comes to us via Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs Darcy and I, for one, could not be more excited. This is literary matchmaking (a fun feature on her blog) where guest share their recent favorites, over all preferences and a few dislikes. Anne works some magical recommendations, pairing guests with the perfect book to read next.

Looking for more? Here yah go: The Readers, Book Riot, & Covered with Harry C. Marks

{Foodie for Thought}

The Splendid Table: Well, what can I say? This is an oldie, but a goodie. I’ve been listening to this one for years-part story, part recipes, part fantastic. If you fancy yourself a foodie or such, The Splendid Table will not disappoint you.

Spilled Milk: I think I’ll let the casters speak for themselves on this one; “Every week on Spilled Milk, writers/comedians Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton start with a food-related topic, from apples to winter squash, and run with it as far as they can go—and, regrettably, sometimes further.”  You know Molly Wizenberg from her fantastic blog, or her books, both of which are favorites around here. This one is quirky, and while I don’t listen weekly, I don’t regret it when I do.

Burnt Toast Podcast: Food 52! Enough said.

Looking for more? Here yah go: The Alton Browncast, The Bonappetit Foodcast, Joy the Baker & Nom Nom paleo.

{Things of Faith and Spirituality}

God Centered Mom: Heather MacFadyen’s podcast is another great go-to for mommas navigating the littles years. Although, I believe all sorts of women and all sorts of stages of life would enjoy and benefit from this one. Centered around a weekly conversation with a variety of  home, family and faith focused guests, Heather does a great job of cultivating a helpful, practical podcast.

Newsworthy with Norsworthy: You will find a theme running through these faith and spirituality recommendations: conversation. The reason I am like Norsworthy is simply that he has TONS of different guests from all corners of Christianity. I want to be challenged in my faith, I want to wrestle around a little, get a bit dirty–hear what others have to say–take those things to God and collectively move deeper in faith in Christ. This podcast is avenue to collect those stories and hop in the ring.

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey: I found her conversation with Jami Nato to be incredibly challenging and worth every ounce of tension I felt over the course of the episode.

The Relevant Podcast: From the makers of RELEVANT Magazine, this show is just plain fun. It usually clocks in at about an hour an half-so I don’t always find the extra time to listen-but I never regret it when I do. It’s clever, stuffed with great music and wait for it… is actually relevant. I appreciate the ability to tackle the big issues of today’s world and make me spit my coffee out laugh in the same hour.

Looking for more? Here yah go: Inspired to Action, The Influence Podcast, The Wednesday Conversation. Gospel in Life-Timothy Keller, & OnBeing

{Fiction and Story}

Limetown: Oh boy, this one. I can’t tell you much about the premise in order to avoid spoiling it for you, but I think the best way I’ve heard described is “Lost meets Serial”. It’s creepy spooky goodness wrapped in compelling mystery. One word of warning, the complaint I’ve heard the most is that the story is overacted and over the top cheesey. Yup! Limetown is a campy delight.

The Message: The Message is a great follow-up to fill the Limetown void. In the message we follow a young reporter as she covers the decoding of a mysterious message received from space 70 years ago. The episodes are shorter, making this an easy binge or road trip companion.  It’s also spooky good and dare I say, a smidge more put together than Limetown.  

“You Must Remember This”: Basically “unsolved mysteries” of old hollywood. SOLD.

Looking for more? Here yah go: Moth, Welcome to Night Vale, Lore, The truth, The Black List Table Reads, & The Mystery Show

{True Crime}

Serial:  If you aren’t aware of the premise you have at least heard of this insanely popular series. In it’s second season, Serial’s host Sarah Koenig brilliantly re-examines events through GREAT storytelling, interviews and media reports. It often leads to excellent conversation with friends (my favorite part) on crime, the justice system & human nature.

Crime writers on…:  is basically the child of Serial. Compelled by the need for more content and conversation–this group of writers analyze each episode of Serial with great insight and gumption. I also recently found their response to the Netflix show Making a Murderer to be super interesting, informative and well worth my time.

Spycast: Full disclosure? This one is new to me, and isn’t really “true crime” but, SPIES.

Looking for more? Here yah go: Undisclosed, Criminal, & 48 hours

*A quick note from Katie:  many of these podcasts are not suitable for little ears. Be sure to pop in your ear buds or investigate before listening.

Thanks Katie for sharing these great recommendations!


Katie Pace is CEO of domestic relations at Pace house where she navigates all manner of toddler and baby shenanigans and delight. Her likes include, good books, home cooking and lavender. Dislikes include moldy clothes, mosquitos and people who think football is lowbrow.




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