As we enter the holiday season I can’t help but think back to last year.  One year ago we were preparing for Caleb’s first deployment and also waiting to hear if we’d move in the coming year.  It was kind of a weepy, sensitive time for those reasons and a few other ones as well.

This week I’m thankful that the past year is over.  We survived the deployment!  He got orders to AFIT (a dream assignment for us)!  We moved across the country!  Caleb is home!

And we’ve got one more thing that we’re especially thankful for this year…


Baby #2 arrives May 2016!

Can you tell that Hadden is just a tad excited about this?!  He’s known the secret for weeks and every time we see a baby he begs to hold it!  We’re so excited to see him become a big brother and to meet this new little one!

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