**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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Two of Hadden’s favorite things are getting mail and books so last week he got a special surprise.  We checked the mail one afternoon to find a special package waiting with a new book just for him.

As soon as it arrived, we sat down to read.  The book, Daddy Flies, is about a little girl named Katie.  Katie’s dad tells her that he can’t play because he has to fly that day.  She spends the rest of the book pondering what it means that her dad flies.  She wonders if he’s a bird?  Or a bee?  Or perhaps a superhero?  In the end, Katie realizes that her dad flies a plane as a military pilot.

Hadden was enchanted.  Throughout the book many questions are asked (“Is he a hummingbird whistling from flower to flower?”).  Each time Hadden would giggle and then shout out the answer.  The moment I finished reading, Hadden was already shouting, “More! More!”  While Hadden loved the story, my favorite parts of the book were the darling illustrations.

Daddy Flies a cute book for anyone, but especially fun for military families like ours.  I can see this becoming one of Hadden’s favorite books!

To purchase your own copy of this book, visit Amazon or Create Space.  You can also connect with the author, Brye Butler Steeves, on Facebook!


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