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this glorious MOVE

Last week we moved from Offutt AFB in Nebraska to Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio!  I documented this move with pictures so I’m sharing one from each day to give you a peek into what the last week and a half was like.



FullSizeRender (8)


My brother flew into Omaha on Sunday morning!  Since Caleb is deployed, I wanted an extra set of hands around for the move and Patrick volunteered.  He also did all my yard work.  It took over five hours to get the yard ready for the move-out inspection and it was over 90 degrees that day.  BEST BROTHER EVER.



This was originally supposed to be a packing day, but the moving company decided they only needed one day.  Instead we finished up the final projects around the house, and ran all my last minute errands around town.  But we did make time to fly a kite in the midst of the craziness.



On Tuesday I had sticky notes around the house with notes for the movers including the one above – DO NOT ENTER!  DO NOT PACK!!  It was a long, long day, but by about 4pm we were done.   That evening we moved to a TLF (temporary living facility) so that our house could get cleaned for the move.

FullSizeRender (9)


Loading day!!  We were up and at the house early to wait for the movers, but (of course!) they arrived about an hour and a half late.  Hadden didn’t mind though because while we were waiting he was playing with his new car.  When the movers arrived, my neighbor and her daughter watched Hadden all morning which was such a relief!  Everything was loaded by about 2:30pm and the truck pulled away with all our belongings, leaving us with an empty house.

FullSizeRender (10)


Hadden had his last speech appointment with his beloved SLP – we will miss her so much!!  Then we spent the early afternoon with our friends from church and they gave us a sweet going-away, complete with presents and prayer.  That evening Hadden and I spent a few hours with our dear friends who had just gotten back into town the day before.  We connected our first year in Nebraska when our kiddos were just babies and have remained fantastic friends ever since.  I’m holding out hope that we’ll end up at the same base again in the future!

FullSizeRender (6)

Friday was a blur.  We woke up early to go pick up the trailer and have it weighed while empty.  Then we raced back to the TLF to load up all our possessions and get onto base in time to check out of the TLF.  From there we had to get the trailer weighed again.  Then we got lunch and headed to a park for a bit.  I spent our last couple of hours in town hanging out with our neighbors and my brother made sure our yard was ready to go (he really is the best).  I think I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: we had the best neighbors in Nebraska.  I will really miss those families.

At 3:30pm I had the “final out” with our housing company.  I was SO NERVOUS that we were going to be charged because I’ve heard horror stories about moving out of there, but it went great.  I practically danced out of there because I was so happy to just be done.  We said our final goodbyes to our neighbor-friends and I cried as we pulled away, already missing those friends.

My brother drove through the night and I stayed away to help with directions and keep him company.




Saturday morning we hit the Ohio border and I was rejoicing.  We were SO tired.  We stopped for Cracker Barrel because it’s a family tradition and we needed a chance to rest our eyes, but we were both too tired to eat.  Early Saturday morning we arrived at my friend’s house in Ohio.  She and her husband graciously offered to let us crash there for the day.  That evening we met our new landlord and got keys to our new house!


Sunday morning we unloaded the trailer and started arranging things at the new house.  My sister and brother-in-law came down with their kids to help us get settled.  It was great to see them and great to have help too.  Once our work was done, we went to my favorite nearby town (Yellow Springs) for lunch and headed to a local creamery for ice cream where the kids got to feed goats.  Both of those places brought back many memories of college years and I spent the whole day missing Caleb (it didn’t help that it was Father’s Day!).  My sister and brother-in-law left that evening, taking Patrick back with them, but my mom decided to come a day early to help, so she arrived later that night.



Since our truck wasn’t coming that day, my mom, Hadden and I drove an hour south to hit up IKEA!  I love that place, although I would have enjoyed it a little more if Hadden were old enough to go to the Kids Area (free babysitting!)


No picture for this day.  We spent the morning running errands and the afternoon at the Air Force museum.  I spent more time on the phone arguing with the company about our moving truck, which was suppose to arrive today, but is now going to be a week late.  This evening all the stress and emotion of the move and leaving all our friends set in.  The physical pain of all that stress plus sleeping on an air mattress has set in too.  I am ready to be settled and mostly ready for Caleb to be back.

I know that this is ending on a weird note.  I would be a better blogger if I found a nice bow to wrap it up nicely, but I have a two-year-old who is up much too late and is crying for his daddy and I am TIRED, so that’s all for now.  I’ll be back with another update or a better post soon!

I don’t say it enough, but THANK YOU for taking the time to read.  I do appreciate it.

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A Prayer for your Small Group

It’s moving week around here!  As I think of what I’m going to miss, one of the first things that comes to mind is our small group.  For the past two years, we’ve met once a week to share a meal and share our lives.  Outside of those regular meetings we’ve attended birthday parties and baby showers.  We’ve exchanged countless text messages.  When someone needs a little extra help we’ve delivered meals or mowed their lawn.  At a time when we lived away from family, these friends became our family.

At the end of last summer, when small groups were starting up again, I wrote a prayer for our group.  I committed to praying for them (us) regularly and I wanted to focus those prayers.  Today I’m sharing an adapted version of that prayer.



Lord, we thank You for setting us in a rich community and for giving us meaningful friendships.  We recognize that people are often the administers of Your grace in our lives and so we begin expressing gratitude for these relationships and Your work among us.  

 For our small group:

May we be truth seekers and truth speakers.  In our relationships with each other, may grace be our native language.  May we toil for unity, knowing that it doesn’t come easily.  We ask for grace to be quick to confess, to repent, and to obey.

 When hard times inevitably come, we pray that we would stand firm with each other.  May we walk in both confidence and humility as a result of our relationship with Christ.  And may we as a group cultivate an environment of honesty where shame has no power and where Christ is honored.

 For growth:

This year we pray for growth within our group as a result of our individual growth.  Give us boldness to invite others into our community.  May we be open, welcoming, and inviting to visitors.  May we exhibit closeness while squelching any hint of cliques or exclusivity.  May we be open to diversity of gender, race, socioeconomic status and age in such a way that reflects your Kingdom and our city.  And may Christ within us be irresistible.

 For our city:

We ask that our group would be an asset to our church and to our city as well.  May we be agents of reconciliation, joining you in your on-going work of reconciling the world to yourself.  As we see turmoil in cities around the country and around the world, we humbly ask that you would work in our city in a great way.  And if our city faces troubles ahead, give us courage to stand for justice and righteousness.  May we love and serve our city well.


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Redeeming the Day: Parenting When You’re Just Ready To Give Up

redeeming the day

It was just past 6pm and I was DONE.

My patience had worn out hours earlier.  I’d already cleaned up several messes that day including two potty training accidents and a couple food spills.

He wasn’t listening so I felt justified in yelling.  Which made me feel like a utterly crappy mom.

“Go out of the room!  Mama needs a moment”  I said through gritted teeth.  It felt like the nicest phrase I could utter in that moment.

Following the advice I always give him, I took several deep breaths.  I reviewed my parenting philosophies: It’s not okay to yell at children.  I can choose to respond appropriately.

We couldn’t spend the rest of the evening that way.  We needed to get out of that funk.  I needed to spend a large chunk of time without correcting him, or telling him ‘no’.

“We have to get out of this house!” I announced.  “We need to redeem the evening.”

Ten minutes later we were out the door.

Our plan was to head to base to “see the airplanes”.  (Air Force family perk!)

We turned up Brandi and sang along, instantly changing the mood.  We drove through the local coffee shop and bought special drinks.  We picked up the mulch for our flowerbeds.  Then we headed to base.

Already the night had vastly improved.


After visiting the airplanes, we ended up at the Parade Ground, my favorite part of Offutt AFB.

I let him wander through the grass to the gazebo.  I hung back as he climbed the steps and peeked through the spindles of the railing.

The sunshine, the space, and the silence were restorative to my soul.

When he came down the opposite set of stairs, there I was waiting to yell “boo!” sending him into fits of giggles.

Soon I was taking pictures of his happy face and he trailed behind me as I walked out to take a picture from the other side.  I told him about how when he was a tiny babe, just nine days old, we took him to a concert in that very spot.  I showed him the mama bird nesting in the rafters.  We talked about our upcoming move and how this would be one of our last visits to the Parade Ground.

We left happy.

We had a change of scenery.  I took a step back to collect myself.  I refrained from giving criticism or correction.  He had space to explore freely.

The evening was redeemed and, more importantly, our relationship was restored.     

IMG_4857 (1)
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