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***Stitch Fix Giveaway***

I’m doing something fun this week!  I’m giving away TWO $20 gift certificates to Stitch Fix!  Here’s why:

I had known about Stitch Fix for a couple years, but didn’t try it myself until I found a coupon for a $20 credit.  As this post explains, $20 is the amount that you pay for the actual fix.  If you don’t keep anything from the box, you will simply be charged the $20.  If you keep anything, the $20 goes towards that.  So when I used a $20 credit, I was able to try Stitch Fix risk-free.

The past couple of months, my life has been heavy and stressful.  In addition to the normal, everyday stressors, I have two big ones: my husband is deployed and I’m going to move across the country without him.  Getting my Stitch Fix was a fun highlight in the midst of these hard months.  And I needed that.

Since I used Stitch Fix for the first time I keep telling friends about it!  I want everyone to try it!

But…I’d really like for them to try it risk free like I did.

I’ve been searching every day for another coupon code so I could share it, but so far haven’t found anything.

That’s when I came up with this idea.

I can’t find a coupon code to give all my friends $20 in credit so they can try Stitch Fix.  But I CAN give away $20 gift certificates so that two other women can try Stitch Fix risk-free like I did.

Stitch Fix Giveaway

There are several different ways to earn an entry.  Start by leaving a comment on this post telling me what clothing item(s) you’d like see in your first Fix (that is required) and then consider earning more points by sharing the post via Twitter, following me on Twitter, or “liking” my blog on Facebook.  I’m using this handy Rafflecopter to keep track of everything so you need to sign up with this in order for your entries to count.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is open until Saturday, April 4th at midnight.  But until then you can…

sign up for an account in case you’re the winner or just to check it out (signing up for an account is free – you are never charged until you request your first Fix)

…check out this post for basic information about Stitch Fix

…browse my Pinterest board for inspiration and then start your own board.

….and, of course, tell your friends about the giveaway!

I hope that YOU win!

P.S.  If you’re new to the concept of Stitch Fix, feel free to ask questions.  I’ll do my best to explain!

**This post contain affiliate links.


Please note that in order for your entry to be counted, you MUST enter it via Rafflecopter box in this post!  If it is not loading on mobile devices, try it on a table or laptop.

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What Your Favorite Bloggers Want To Tell You (But Won’t)

Since I joined the Redbud Writer’s Guild last year, I’ve been privy to countless insider conversations about the joys and frustrations of writing and blogging.

Sometimes the conversation is about something technical, like how Facebook’s new algorithm means that fans of your page aren’t actually seeing your posts.  Other times someone says, “I’m feeling vulnerable.  This post tells my whole messy, complicated story.”   Or: “Someone left nasty comments…again.  How should I respond?”

Many times when I see these conversations about writing, I wish I could share them with our readers so you knew how much we appreciate you and how hard we are working to connect with you.

Today I’m doing just that.  I’ve asked some of my favorite bloggers to tell me what they wish their readers knew and I’ve added a few things too.  Thanks to these bloggers for being honest with us and allowing me to share their words!

What Your Favorite Bloggers Want To


Tweeting a post only takes seconds, but it can easily bring in many more readers who’ve never heard of my blog. – Suzanne Cross Burden

I LOVE it when I speak to your heart. And the reader always has the power to let me know – by liking, sharing or commenting. – Jennifer Kelly

It only takes a moment for you to “like” a post on Facebook, but it means my post reached more people and I really appreciate that.

Comments are always appreciated, even if they are short – even if you’re just saying you enjoyed reading the post or have a question!  – Janelle Cook

I love it when you ask questions. It gives me ideas for follow up posts – Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

“Receiving a comment in my inbox literally makes my day. Writing a post with two young kids underfoot isn’t an easy task—sometimes one post takes hours or even days to draft. I read every single comment (and respond if possible), and truly appreciate the time you spent to slow down and write a response. Comments are like gold to bloggers…it’s why we continue to write! Without readers and feedback, we’d basically be writing in a diary!” – Jessica Lynn

I love it when you link to one of my posts and continue the conversation. – Sharon Hoover

Writing inspiration ebbs and flows.  Be patient as I take time off or share an old post.

Share your experience too – it helps me know I’m not alone. – JoHannah Reardon

Writing is lonely. Knowing you’ve read a piece cheers my heart!- Julie Holly

I love it when you share and explain why you do.  I love when you defend me when negative comments want to tear me apart. – Sheli Geoghan-Massie 

I want blogging to be a dialogue, not a monologue.

I’m not perfect, just sharing my heart, or writing what I hope will bless others and glorify Christ. A “like”, a brief comment, or a retweet encourages me to write on. – Ilona Hadinger 

Liking, sharing, tweeting helps me to feel that meal I’ve carefully made will not only be eaten but enjoyed. – Dorothy Greco 

I want to hear from you too. Let’s have a conversation. – Afton Banks Rorvik

And finally:  I am GRATEFUL that you take the time to read my words and that you value them.  I know that there are many writers you could be reading right now and I am honored that you chose me!


  • If you are a fellow blogger, what do you wish you could tell your readers?
  • Now let’s switch it up: as a reader, what do you wish bloggers knew?  Go for it!  I’m listening!
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My First Experience With Stitch Fix

**Affiliate links included which means if you sign up for Stitch Fix using one of the links in this blog post, I receive a credit for referring you.  I appreciate the credit if you choose to sign up under me, but this post is mostly just to share my experience so no pressure!  This post was NOT sponsored so I receive nothing from Stitch Fix for writing it**

My First Experience With Stitch Fix

For the past couple of years all my favorite bloggers have gone crazy for Stitch Fix, a personal clothing stylist website.  Have you heard of it before?  Here’s how it works:

  • You go online and fill out a detailed profile about your clothing preferences and your body type
  • Stitch Fix assigns you a personal stylist who selects five items for you and ships them to you house (this is called a Fix)
  • You have three days to try on the items and decide what you are keeping
  • If you have items to return, you simply put them in a pre-stamped mailing envelope and drop it in a USPS mailbox
  • If you decide not to keep anything from the box, you pay a $20 styling fee.  Otherwise the $20 fee goes towards the item(s) you keep.

I abhor shopping for clothes so I liked the premise of Stitch Fix a lot.  But…it sounded far too expensive for us.  I spent very little money on clothes and this seemed like a splurge.

But a couple weeks ago I found a coupon code that gave me a $20 credit – essentially a chance to try it out risk free since that’s the cost of the styling fee.

I went for it.

I filled out the profile.  I made an inspirational Pinterest board for my stylist to view.  I ordered my first Fix.

My First Fix Arrives!

It arrived today in a very adorable box with cute packaging inside.  I was smitten.

Here are the five items I received in my first Fix:

  • a pair of rockin’ skinny jeans
  • a cute scarf
  • two blouses
  • a khaki jacket

Here’s what I’m keeping:

Ye-ah.  I am sending it all back.

Let’s talk about my items. (I’m sorry that I don’t have pictures.  I didn’t get to try them on until 11pm tonight and they are due to be mailed back tomorrow.  Can we blame this one on deployment and the fact that my toddler didn’t fall asleep until 10:30pm tonight??)

I really liked the skinny jeans, but they cost $74.  Ouch.  It’s my fault that they were that price though so I can hardly complain.  When you fill out your profile you tell them how much you’d like to spend on each kind of clothing.  I (foolishly) put pants in the $50-100 range.  Realistically, I would have a very hard time keeping pants that cost close to $100.  I changed my profile to put pants into a lower price category for next time just to see what they can send me for less money.  The other problem with these jeans was that I already have skinny jeans.  I was looking for new items (namely black or colored skinny pants) and didn’t want to spend the money when I had jeans that I was already content with.

The scarf was quite cute.  But it was $34.  I have many scarves and really didn’t want to spend that much money on a new one.  I changed my profile to say that I didn’t want them to send me scarves since I already own many.

The shirts seemed off style-wise.  I kept thinking that they would have been cute on someone else, but were a bit too hippy for me.  I’d rather be wearing something classic or preppy than something with beading.  I liked both of the shirts, but again, not enough to keep them.  My goal is to only keep items that I love.

The jacket was over $70.  I would be willing to pay that price if I needed it and liked it.  But I neither liked it nor needed it.  It was my fault that I received it though – I told them to send me outerwear, but I’ve since gone back to my profile and changed it so they only send me outerwear when I request it.

Will I Try It Again?

Yes.  Absolutely.

I’m not keeping anything from this Fix, but I was able to pinpoint the two things I didn’t like about it.

1. I felt that the styling was off.  Both shirts and the jacket just didn’t seem to be “me”.   I left copious notes about each item for my stylist so that next time I can hopefully get items that I like better.

2.  After I signed up for my first Fix, I started a Whole30.  The first time I did a Whole30, I lost 20 lbs and my clothes ended up fitting completely differently.  As I tried on my clothes this time I kept thinking about my Whole30 – I am still near the beginning.  What if I spent this money (more money than I usually spend on clothes) on Stitch Fix items only to have my body change and have ill-fitting, expensive clothes.

I put a “pause” on my Fixes so I won’t receive one again until I request another, probably in a month or so.  But I am interested to see how it goes next time.

I still love the concept of Stitch Fix and loved my experience.  It was fun to receive a whole box of things just for me.  The stylist includes a personal note and also a styling guide for each item.  It was relaxing to try on things at home – so much better than trying to take a toddler shopping!  And the return process is an absolute breeze.  I stuck everything in the mailer and will drop it in a USPS box tomorrow while we run errands.

Should You Try It?

Here’s the end game.  If you want to try it, you’re only risking $20.  You can fill out all the information and just request one box.  If you get the box and hate everything, you’re only out $20 and you never have to try it again!  (p.s.  keep an eye out for coupon codes and you might not even have to pay the $20.)  And if you end up liking it, you just found a new, easier way to get clothing!

  • Have you tried Stitch Fix before?  What did you think?
  • Would you be interested in a styling service like this?  They just announced that they will be doing maternity clothes and petite clothes so there are more options than ever!
  • Still have questions about Stitch Fix??  Ask me and I’ll see if I can help!
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