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a recipe – grilled cheese and “ta-MAH-toe” sandwich

If I was super cool…I’d have neat pictures to go along with all this.

But I’m a college student who doesn’t own a camera.

And I make this in my cafeteria (which involves jumping into at least five different lines to collect the necessary ingredients). The bolded directions are the quick version. The other notes are tips for people who go to Cedarville.

Step One: Get two pieces of homemade bread. Sometimes the bread is kinda smashed, but if you’re careful you can stretch it a little bit. (bread line)

Step Two: Get lots and lots of cheese (mixing different kinds is always good) and slices of fresh tomato. Break up the cheese into smaller pieces so you make sure that the entire piece of bread is covered. (Sandwich line)

Step Three: Put a little bit of Caesar dressing on the inside of each piece of bread (and some in between the cheese, if you like that) (Salad Line – NOT the main one)

Step Four: Sprinkle a little Parmesan cheese on there (Pizza line)

Step Five: Sprinkle some basil and a little garlic salt on it as well (stir-fry line OR vegetarian line)

Step Six: Put it in the sandwich smasher until the outside is crispy and the cheese seems to be melty (yes. that is a word. sorta.)

thanks to Megan who every much helped me figure out this sandwich. We make it (or a variation of it) almost every time we eat together (and many other days as well!)

it would also be great with a slice of prosciutto (a major shout out to my italian heritage). but again, i’m making this in a college cafeteria. i’ve never seen prosciutto there.  šŸ˜‰

oh so good.  wish i could have one of these right now!

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class recommendations for cedarville university

For those of you still attending Cedarville, I thought I would take this moment to pass on a little advice. Here is a list of my absolute FAVORITE classes while at CU. I’m not taking the time right now to type out the explanations for each, but if you would like to know why, just ask. šŸ™‚

1) Wisdom Literature with Dr. Estes (this man has impacted my life in such profound ways…and I actually took this class spring 2010 and then sat through it again spring 2011 because it was so good šŸ™‚

2) Human Sexuality with Dr. Dolph

3) Scriptural Interpretation of Gender Issues (SIGI) with Dr. Fagan

4) Psalms with the esteemed Dr. Estes

5) Social psychology or Intimate Relationships with Dr. Dolph (it’s a tie…I couldn’t pick)

6) Old Testament Literature with Dr. Miller

7) Abnormal Psychology with Dr. Becknell

These are some of the classes that I WISH that I had time to take…

1) Hermeneutics with Dr. Couser
2) New Testament with Dr. Couser
3) Church History with Dr. Smith
4) Pentateuch with Dr. Ham
5) Logic (and/or Ethics) with Dr. Graves

Ok.  That’s all for now.  šŸ™‚

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Currently Reading: A Family’s Guide to the Military for Dummies

A Family’s Guide to the Military for Dummies
by Sheryl Garrett and Sue Hoppin

In 59 days, I’m getting married (!!!) and soon thereafter, Mr. Mays (who will technically be Lieutenant Mays by that point) and I will be moving to Mississippi with the Air Force.  Since I like to know as much as I possibly can before I go into a new situation, I started scouring the internet and the libraries for information on being a military family.  This book has helped a lot!  Here are just a few of the topics covered:
  – shopping at the commissary
  – Tricare options
  – understanding military compensation 
  – pros and cons of living in on base housing
  – all those silly little acronyms (CONUS, for instance)
  – military benefits
  – childcare/school options
  – family support centers

This book really does cover a lot of topics and I learned a great deal.  I did have to weed through a few things because certain parts didn’t apply to us.  There was a lot of information about raising children while you’re in the military and we just aren’t at that point in life yet.

If you happen to read this post and you and/or your spouse as ever been in the military, comment and let me know your favorite part about being in the military.  And also perhaps tell me something that you struggled with.  šŸ™‚  I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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